Exercise Essentials – RunKeeper App


As I continue to train for my marathon, that is coming up in just 20 days (not that I’m counting or anything…). I wanted to share a great app with you! (It’s got the word “run” in the title, but don’t worry, it’s not JUST for runners.) RunKeeper This great app is called RunKeeper. It uses GPS […]

Health + Home Faves #8

Peanut Butter Pork Tenderloin

Thanks everyone for another fabulous month of link ups from this month’s Health + Home Party! I really appreciate all of you that share with me (and my readers) what you are working on, specifically in the areas of health and home. And, thank you to Rachel for co-hosting with me from Useful Beautiful Home. It is […]

Fabulous {Organized} Friend – Sarah


Happy Friday! I’m back with another installment in my Fabulous {Organized} Friend Series. In this series I’m going to introduce you to some of my FABULOUS friends. I want to continue to show you that there are many different ways to organize your life. We all have individual lives to manage and we need to make […]

{M}organized Fashion – Quality Neutral Pieces

We are now officially into the beautiful month of September and hopefully those of you who are joining with me in this Month’s Organizing Challenge have already started to work on organizing your closets. For the full post and info just go over here. It’s not too late to work with me and to get your closet […]

Simple Dinner – “Yumm” Bowls

Yumm Bowls

I’ve been in somewhat of a slump lately when it comes to cooking. It seems that summer just screams BBQ and easy dinners, which is awesome, but I’ve become a bit lazy in the whole “menu planning” department. So, as we move into fall I’m going to challenge myself to get back to my strategy of […]

Friday Fab Faves – Aussie, Avalon Organics’ & St. Ives


Today’s FAB FAVES are all about those little things that can help you to feel even more beautiful! Aussie Aussie InStant Freeze Hair Spray So….I am a faithful hair spray user. I just like knowing that my hair is going to stay in place. I was using Pantene for the last year or so, but […]

Family Organization – The “How To” Keep a Clean House


I’m back today with another installment where I share all about Family Organization. This simple series emphasises organizing for families.  Whether you have one or 10 kids you will find easy to implement solutions that will help to keep your family humming along! If you haven’t seen a post on this topic yet, you can go to […]

Health + Home – 9/1/2014


A great month is now behind us, sigh. It’s all good though. I do crave routine and always look forward to the fall season. My kid’s start back to school today and we’re back in the mode of busyness, a good thing (I think) as long as we keep it balanced! I also wanted to […]

Monthly Organizing Challenge {No. 3}


Monthly Organizing Challenge {No.3} A fresh month starts tomorrow, which means a fresh NEW focus. We’re going to tackle a fun project (together) this month!!! We’re going to focus on our closets. It’s time to take a deep look into your personal closet and to only keep the clothes you really love and really wear. […]

Bittersweet “Back to School” Season

Bittersweet Back to School Season

You know that feeling when you ask someone a question and they say NO. But you know that they really mean yes? Or when someone is saying “stop it” but it’s almost as if they are really trying to wave you on? That’s how I feel about this whole Back to School season that is […]