Prioritize Your Life!


Do you feel like you prioritize your life? Do you make the time for the things that you consider a priority? Or, do you often feel like you are not able to focus on your priorities in your life? One of my goals this year was to continue to prioritize date nights with my hubby. In fact, […]

Portugal Life ~ Pottery (Part 1)

Morganize with Me - Pottery

One of the big requests I kept getting from you via my reader survey was that you wanted to hear more about my “Portugal Life”. I get it. It probably seems a bit mysterious… I had never left the US (besides Canada and Mexico) until moving here exactly two years ago. What brought us here […]

Easy Dinner Recipes | La Bamba

Easy Dinner - La Bamba

Hello lovelies! I am thrilled to share with you a new blog series that will begin today and will run this entire year. We’re talking Easy Dinner Recipes!!! This first recipe, La Bamba has made an appearance before here on MWM, but I’m revamping things with better photos and free printables. I am going to […]

Health+Home Management Binder | Goals

Goal "Wish" List

Welcome to week number two of customizing and designing your Health+Home Management Binder! If you are playing catch up, see the set up and week one – schedules before going any further. And, just to let you know, I’ll be showing a little video next week with a closer look into how my Binder is […]

How to REALLY Organize Kitchen Spices


I’m hoping that you all had a rest-filled (and maybe long) weekend! Today I’m talking ALL about one of my favorite topics and offering an awesome giveaway too! I’ve shared before about how to organize your kitchen spices and I’ve also chatted about how to stay on top of those pesky expiration dates. It’s as if I […]

Fabulous {Organized} Friend ~ Janet


Welcome to another post in my Fabulous Organized Friend Series. In this series I am introducing you to some of my FABULOUS friends. I want to continue to show you that there are many different ways to organize your life. We all have individual lives to manage and we need to make sure that we take […]

Health+Home Management Binder | Schedules


Last week I launched my Health+Home Management Binder, where we started with the Set Up. (If you are new to setting up your Binder you will want to hop over there first.) Today is all about the Health+Home Management Binder section, schedules. The Binder will include all things surrounding Health+Home. The beauty of my plan […]

2015 Goals


It’s 2015 and you know what that means! It’s time for me to share with you my 2015 goals! The month of January is always such a refreshing time for me. At the beginning of each new year I seem to get a new sense of motivation and my wheels just start to spin a little bit […]

Our Holiday Trip to Germany & Austria


Let’s just say…I love to vacation. The fact that we are having these opportunities for this short season in our lives, is not something we’re taking for granted. We are trying to make the most of living in Europe and taking in as much of it as we can. We are very grateful for these […]

Health+Home Management Binder | Set Up

So…this is an exciting day! Today, I’m launching a MWM – build your own – Health+Home Management Binder. The Binder will include all things surrounding Health+Home. The beauty of my plan is that we’re going to take the next 10 weeks to build the Binder. I don’t want you to start and not to finish. […]