Parties, Babies & Studies


It’s a “slice of life” kind of post today. A recap of a BIG week. For starters, Happy Halloween! If you are celebrating today, I hope that you have a blast!!! Make a memory. I’ll be attending a 3rd grade costume parade and party, then painting a mime’s face for his first Middle School Dance, […]

Master Bathroom {Organization}


Welcome to our Master Bath or what one might call the “Pink & Flower” bathroom. (It’s not that I don’t like the color pink OR flowers, but together and ALL over….not so much.) If you are newer to MWM you should know that we are currently renting and living overseas, so all tile colors and […]

IKEA – Feature & Interview


Last July, while we were traveling in Paris, I received an email from IKEA. And not just any email. The person contacting me wanted to feature me in their IKEA (European) online magazine! A feature all about my home and moi! I was a bit surprised and overwhelmed, but also very excited. I mean they wanted […]

Personal Training & Handful Giveaway

A BIG congratulations to Carol and Michelle for winning the Winter 2014 Organizing Challenge Giveaway! I look forward to having you both involved in the Winter OC that starts November 3rd. (If you have yet to join the Winter OC – make sure that you enroll today! It’s going to be best Organizing Challenge yet.) And […]

Family Organization – The Blitz


Here is another post in the series titled – Family Organization. This simple series emphasises organizing for families. Whether you have one or 10 kids you will find easy to implement solutions that will help to keep your family humming along! If you haven’t seen a post on this topic yet, you can go to this page […]

Winter 2014 – Organizing Challenge {Sign Up}

Let’s get the Winter OC party started! The sign ups are officially open and all you need to do is head right over HERE to enroll. Be sure to grab a friend to do it with you too! That way you can hold each other more accountable and make it an excuse to get together and […]

How Much Water Should You Be Drinking Daily?


This is the never-ending question isn’t it? I’m here to help! (And I’ve got a cute Free Printable at the end of the post just for you to print and fill out!) I was asked the question in an interview, what is one fit and healthy tip that you would want to pass on? And, […]

Winter 2014 – Organizing Challenge {Giveaway}


It’s that time AGAIN!!! Are you ready to join me Organizers??? ***Be sure to see the end of this post I’m giving away two free subscriptions to this season’s OC!*** It feels like fall just started and blink, I’m already talking about winter!!! But it’s that time again when we need to start looking ahead […]

How To Eat Healthy – Every Day


Last month I introduced a new series covering Q & A’s. It’s a chance for me to answer the various questions that come my way. I so love hearing from you! I received one particular question that really deserves a post all of its own. So here you have it. Here was the question/suggestion…(Thanks for […]

Fabulous {Organized} Friend ~ Harmony


Welcome to the third post in my Fabulous {Organized} Friend Series. In this series I am introducing you to some of my FABULOUS friends. I want to continue to show you that there are many different ways to organize your life. We all have individual lives to manage and we need to make sure that we […]

Lisbon Rock & Roll Marathon

Achieving Goals

    Wow! It was a fun weekend!!! Fun to finally check a big goal off of my bucket list. To begin with, I want to thank my sweet friend Cristina who joined me in this endeavor. I don’t think I could have done it without her support. (Be sure to watch her video that […]

Monthly Recap – September 2014


A new week, a new month! Life is good! Oh and I ran my first Marathon yesterday – wow! What an experience. I’ll be back on Wednesday to talk all about it. If you are looking for me today, I will be somewhere, seated. Before I get into the fun of today’s post I have […]

A Day in My Life {No.2}


I realized recently that its been a looooong time since I’ve done a “day in my life” type of post. In fact I’ve only done one post like this in the past, so I’m well over due to share with you about what my day-to-day really looks like. But like you, every day can tend […]

Monthly Organizing Challenge {No. 3} Recap


Monthly Organizing Challenge {No.3}   Happy October! How did WE do? Did you get through your closet and get it more organized? Not sure what I’m talking about? If you missed the Monthly Organizing Challenge for September, my suggestions and tips were all mentioned over here. If you worked with me, did you get rid of […]

Morgan’s Q&A

Morgan's Q&A

Today you are getting a little Dear Abby from moi! I get a lot of questions tossed my way and I wanted to take some time to address them. Feel free to ask away via email and I’ll do my best to include them in a future Q & A, they will be kept anonymous […]