Monthly Organizing Challenge {No. 4}


Monthly Organizing Challenge {No.4} Now that you are working through your black Friday shopping or making some Thanksgiving leftovers, it’s a great time to take on a doable Monthly Organizing Challenge.   source We’re going to work on organizing our computers throughout the month of December. Go ahead, grab your calendar, set aside some time […]

How to Organize a Garage / Storage Area

Organized Zones

Happy Day before Thanksgiving! I want to first off thank those of you who have already filled out my Reader Survey, I LOVE hearing from you. If you have not yet filled it out, and want to win a little Christmas Cash to Target, jump right over HERE and tell me what’s on your mind! […]

Simple Holiday Traditions


Let’s make it a goal this year, to have a “no stress” holiday season! WE can do it! One of the best ways to really look forward to the holidays is to simplify things and to look for ways to create and maintain simple traditions. We have been very blessed over the years with some […]

Preparing & Organizing – End Of Life


Consider today’s read, a little kick-start to help you to better plan, and of course, organize.     After experiencing a close family member’s death earlier this year and then watching my husband pick up the responsibilities (as trustee), I have a new appreciation for how a few steps of careful end of life preparation […]

2014 Reader Survey & Giveaway


Today is an important day for me. It’s my day to hear from YOU! As I look ahead to 2015 I want to know what you my amazing readers want from me. I want to know where to best focus my energies. After all, I do like to keep things simple and I don’t want […]

Holiday Planning & Prepping!


Whew…I’ve had out-of-town trips the last two weekends. I’m ready for a catch up week if that is at all possible… Although I do have to admit that I’m already ahead of schedule with my Christmas shopping. It does help when your 11-year-old son sends you an email with hyperlinks to every item on his […]

Fabulous {Organized} Friend ~ Haley


Welcome to another post in my Fabulous {Organized} Friend Series. In this series I am introducing you to some of my FABULOUS friends. I want to continue to show you that there are many different ways to organize your life. We all have individual lives to manage and we need to make sure that we take […]

Organizing Kid’s Stuff – Simple Solutions for Art, Books, & More


Kid’s have stuff. Just like we all have stuff. Life is basically all about stuff. My ongoing goal (or shall we say uphill battle) is to work WITH the stuff. To embrace the stuff. To find “homes” for the stuff, and to get my posse to put their stuff away too! I’m guessing you can […]



Happy Monday! I’m hoping that some of you are relaxing a little longer today and that perhaps you might even have a four-day long weekend, with Veteran’s Day tomorrow. Recently I was on a flight and seated next to an older gentleman who happened to be wearing a Veteran’s hat. He had pre-paid for a […]

Friday Fab Faves – Skin Care


I just recently finished my CEC (continuing education credit) studies to maintain my Fitness Certifications. I can honestly say that I really learned a lot (and that I’m really thankful the tests are now behind me – and that I passed). Just checking off those yearly goals. One of the topics that really intrigued me […]